Web design 1997-2017

I have been designing and coding web sites for quite a few years now. 16 years to be exact.

The very first web site I made was published in january of 1997, the only one not preserved for viewing today. Not that it was much to see. One long page with text, links and flashing gifs (very popular at the time). Maybe even a midi that started playing on loading. Remember how irritating that was?

From the beginning and to the time I converted to CMS in the end of 2004, I wrote the code myself. I always wanted to be in control over the code. The first editor I used was  Arachnophilia. At the time a simple tool that made coding easier, now it´s quite advanced and I was surprised to see it still exists. Later I started using Homesite 4.0 and after that Dreamweaver 2 and later 3.

Ive been searching through the external hard drive and found all of the web sites I´ve made through the years. It was a lot of fun! So prepare for a long post! Nostalgia!


Me and my old hubby made a Christmas Greeting for our foreign friends, published at christmas in 1997. This is the way web pages looked at the time. Simple, with a header image, a background with a border to the left, a graphic horisontal ruler and also buttons with the same graphics.

Julhälsning 1997

Christmas Greeting 1997

This is the New Years greeting from the same time, published on December 27:th, 1997.

Nyårshälsning 1998

New Years Greeting 1998

My sons web page in 1997.

Sonens sida 1997

My sons web page 1997

The family page. This was one of the first digital graphics I made. The towers represent the two radio masts in Motala, where we lived.

Familjesidan 1997

The family page 1997


As I said earlier, my own web page from 1997 is no more but this is the one that came after it. This one is designed and a bit more advanced. I made the graphics, a sign post, separated into smaller images and coded in a table. Note the border and horisontal ruler in the same style.

Sussi 1998

Sussi 1998

I also had a complete site with free web graphics for download. It had a lot of backgrounds, buttons and horisontal rulers.

Free graphics 1998

Free graphics 1998

This is a page I made for my hubby.

Bernts webbplats 1999

Bernts web page 1999

The garden page.

Trädgårdssida 1998

The garden page 1998

A co-worker wanted me to make a web site for his dans band, Spendix. He never gave me all the data for the site and so the page was never quite finished.

Spendix 1998

Spendix 1998


In 1999 I took a 30 week course with MacMeckarna, where we, among other things, learned flash. I made one Swedish and one English version of a flash movie about amateur radio (I am a radio amateur with the call sign SM5SFY). The flash movies still work but are no longer on the internet. You could klick on different letters or signs and listen to the corresponding morse code. It was a lot of fun making it.

Amatörradio 1999

My amateur radio page 1999

I designed my class web site, this is one of the pages..

SWIT 1999

SWIT 1999

The version that came after the road sign one was blue and had both a Swedish and an English version. Both where built around a table, I was an expert on building pages with the help of tables at the time!

Sussi svensk 1999

Sussi Swedish 1999

The English version was the main one because I mainly had foreign friends then. The English version was a little more advanced than the Swedish one. On the entrance page the links had a hover effect, they changed color (which meant I had to make the graphics for both stages).

Sussi engelsk 1999

Sussi English 1999

This is how the site itself looked. The dark blue background contained lots of thin dark blue lines (not visible in the image) and not just one color.

Sussi engelsk 1999 innehåll

Sussi English 1999 content

My daughter also had her own web page.

Dotterns sida 1999

My daughters web page 1999

In the autumn of 1996 me and my hubby was deeply involved in 3d chat and we spent a lot of time in a VRML world called Pointworld.

Later, Pointworld, developed to a whole community med different blocks where you could enroll for a virtual roll as head of a block. My hubby was head of the Anthropology block and I was head of the Digital Arts Block. These are the web sites I made for these blocks.

Pointworld 1999

Pointworld community page 1999

Anthropologi block 1999

Anthropology block 1999

Digital Arts block 1999

Digital Arts block 1999

Diary (pre blog)

In September of 1999 I started writing a diary on the net and continued to do so until the end of 2004 when I converted it to the blog format.

Dagbok 2000

Diary 2000

Dagbok 2001

Diary 2001

Dagbok 2002

Diary 2002

Dagbok 2002-2

Diary 2002-2

Dagbok 2003 startsida

Diary 2003 entrance

Dagbok 2003

Diary 2003

Dagbok 2004

Diary 2004

In 2004 coding with web standard caught my interest. I bought the first version of Jeffrey Zeldmans ”Designing with web standards”. I have later bought and read both version 2 and 3. This design was my first attempt of designing a list driven menu with an external CSS for the looks. I wasn´t completely pleased with how it looked and therefore it was never used. It was good training though.

Dagbok 2004-3

Diary try 2004-3

Instead I made the version below. The tabbed meny beneath the header image is written as a list and controlled via an external CSS. I liked this version.

Dagbok 2004-2

During my sons day care years, I administrated a web site for his day care center. I updated it every week with food plans, activity plans etc. It was very popular among the personnel and the parents. And the kids loved it because I used to scan their drawings and publish them on the web site. They always thought it was exciting to see their own drawings on the internet.

Kullen 1998

Kullen 1998

Kullen 1998-2

Kullen 1998-2

The design below is broken but I didn´t bother to fix it (old code) for this post.

Kullen 1999

Kullen 1999

Kullen 2000

Kullen 2000

Kullen 2001

Kullen 2001


Other pages

This is the web site I coded for my company Accalon in 2004. It was coded according to web standards and validated as XHTML and CSS2 at the time. It´s no longer functioning.

Accalon 2004

Accalon 2004

This site, Maddemade, is no longer on the internet, it will be incorporated into storudden.se.

Maddemade 2011

Maddemade 2011

Bengtsfors Traktor- och Maskinförening. I was a web producer for this site between 2008 and 2016. It´s no longer up and running since there was noone interested in taking over after me.

Btmf.se 2013

Btmf.se 2013

This page is made the old fashioned way with tables and not according to web standard. This page is also going to be incorporated into storudden.se and is no longer online.

Mobilmek 2009

Mobilmek 2009

Pages that are still up and running

Storudden.se is a live web site. From the beginning I made it as a project in my web design course. And originally it was coded with web standard and validated as HTML5 and CSS3. A lot of planning and thought was also put into the aspect of making it usable. Since the page owner want to be able to update a few of the pages himself, we decided to convert it to a wordpress installation. So that´s what we did and it works very well. I´m still the web producer for it.

Storudden.se 2013

Storudden.se 2013

Finally my portfolio, this site. Another wordpress installation regularly updated with new graphics and digital art.

Sussijohansson.com 2013

Sussijohansson.com 2013