Cycles Material Vault – CMV

Material expert Reynante Martinez released his Cycles Material Vault for Blender the other day and I bought it 2 days ago. Reynante has been working on material studies for quite some time and he has produced some amazing looking materials. I´ve been waiting for him to release the CMV so I could get my hands on it.

The package is, in my opinion, of very high quality with customisable materials aswell as extensive help files and it is really easy to use. If you haven´t bought it yet, do so, It´s well worth the money and you still have a couple of days left to buy it for the introduction price.

Here´s an old scene I used to changed some of the materials. The wall is a wood material from CMV and the flooring is another. The materials used for the bunny are also two different materials from CMV. It´s really great to have a selection of great looking materials all collected in one place.