Månadsarkiv: mars 2017

I´ve been working on an interactive visualization of the office where I´m working. It´s a WebGL application exported from Unity. Modeling is made in Blender apart from a couple of furniture models that are free models downloaded from the internet. Instructions: W = walk forward S = walk backwards A = walk left […]

Unity: Interactive visualization

Rökstenen, a Swedish runestone situated in the small village of Ödeshög: http://www.rokstenen.com/ Modelled in Blender Textured in Substance Painter High res. version: 6.1M faces 3.1M vertices Rökstenen (runestone in Sweden) by Sussi on Sketchfab Low res. version: 756 faces 478 vertices Rökstenen (runestone) low poly by Sussi on Sketchfab

Sketchfab: Rökstenen, high res vs. low res